Film fun with YardTube video competition

YouTube is awash with pet videos – piano-playing cats, talking dogs, startled guinea pigs, romantic tortoises. You name it and someone’s filmed it.

But why on earth should they get all the attention, when we all know it’s farm animals that do the funniest things.

To show the world which animals should really be ruling YouTube, Farmers Weekly has launched YardTube.

We want you to film a short clip of unusual, funny, or downright bizarre animal antics on the farm and you could be in with a chance of winning a goodie bag of prizes and seeing your video written about in Farmers Weekly. It’s also a chance, given that there’s so much bad news around in agriculture, to make your fellow farmers smile.

What you need to know

  • Clips can be any length (generally shorter ones work best though).
  • If you’re putting your clip to music, please make sure there aren’t any copyright issues with the music.
  • Farmers Weekly may use the videos more than once.
  • Make sure when you upload it to YouTube, you include “Farmers Weekly Yardtube competition” in the title.
  • To enter, email a link to your video to
  • The closing date is 23 August, 2013.

Maybe you’ve got a sheep that displays unusual behaviour? Perhaps one of your cows stands out from the herd? Do you have an especially boisterous pig? A very vocal goat? Does your horse have star quality? Or are your chickens clucking mad? It might even be a farm pet – a cat asleep upside down on the Aga, a sheepdog with an identity crisis rounding up leaves or two ferrets that have formed an unfaltering friendship?

The competition is open to anyone – either individuals or groups. Your clip can be as simple or as complicated as you want. It might be a few seconds of footage filmed on your phone, or a few minutes filmed and edited on swanky video kit. It can be spontaneous or scripted. Off-the-cuff or choreographed. A single shot or a montage. Genuine or “doctored”. Basically, we just want to see stuff that makes us smile, laugh or say: “Fancy that.”

Capture your animal antics, upload the footage to YouTube with “Farmers Weekly YardTube” in the title and send us a link before 23 August 2013.

And if you want a bit of inspiration, you won’t have to look very far on YouTube…

The prize is a great goody bag containing:

  • A year’s free subscription to Farmers Weekly magazine and tablet edition (worth £142.80)
  • A special edition Farmers Weekly cowprint onesie (even if you can’t see yourself in it, think how much the kids or grandkids would love it)
  • A specially designed Farmers Weekly t-shirt
  • An iPad case
  • Farmers Weekly travel mug
  • A bundle of countryside books and videos worth more than £50

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