Five weird farm animal insurance claims revealed

Intruding pigs, unwelcome pitch invasions and a cow taking a dip in a swimming pool were just some of the bizarre claims involving farm animals fielded by insurance company Cornish Mutual this year.

The insurer has dealt with more than 5,000 claims during the past 12 months. And it has revealed a list of the five most unusual farm animal cases it has handled.

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The insurer’s five weirdest farm animal claims in 2015 were:

1. Football-crazy cattle

Cornish Mutual received claims for some unwelcome pitch invasions – a herd of cows strayed on to a football pitch and another invaded a tennis court, causing huge amounts of damage.

2. Wandering sheep

A flock of sheep trespassed on the grounds of a school near their farmer’s field, causing damage to the hedge they used to cross.

3. Cow makes a big splash

A cow was found unharmed in a swimming pool and had to be specially removed.

4. Pigs on holiday

A group of pigs wandered from their field into a campsite close by and ruined the immaculate lawn.

5. Get down, Shep

A farmdog was an unexpected guest in a neighbour’s house, causing damage to the cat flap, lights and furniture.

Alan Goddard, managing director of Cornish Mutual, said the company dealt with a lot of members in the farming community, so it was no surprise that some were unusual.

But he added: “It’s important to highlight claims like these as it shows the importance of the right type of insurance cover and the benefits of a personal claims service.”

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