Fun quiz – what kind of student were you

Another batch of students is leaving colleges and universities, embarking on jobs in the land-based sector. Forget your results, though, Farmlife’s quick quiz will reveal what kind of student you’ve really been (scroll to the botom to see how you’ve done).

[1] If an assignment deadline was 5pm on Friday, you’d submit it:
(a) On Thursday, just to be on the safe side (with duplicate copies sent to the lecturer’s home address)
(b) On Friday
(c) 10 days after the deadline (with a note about a dog having eaten it the first time around)

[2] The way you’d most likely describe lecturers was:
 (a) Glorious, beautiful figures 
(b) Interesting and occasionally inspirational
 (c) Fascists

[3] On a farm visit, would you typically:
 (a) Take a notebook, a camera and a dictaphone
 (b) Take the mickey out of people from other courses
 (c) Take paracetamol for a hangover

[4] How many clubs/societies were you in:
(a) Clubs? Societies? I didn’t join any, they interfered with my studying
 (b) 1-3
 (b) I can’t remember

[5] You missed lectures:
(a) Never, not even when there was a freak snowstorm
 (b) Occasionally
 (c) Lectures? They were for losers

[6] The library was:
(a) Your spiritual home
 (b) Boring, but a useful academic resource
 (c) A place of fear and loathing

[7] How many times did you frequent the student union bar?
(a) That den of depravity? I refused to go there
 (b) 1-5 times a week
 (c) You’re my best mate, I love you

[8] Revision would be done:
(a) Methodically over a 16-week period prior to the exam
 (b) By cramming in the week before an exam
 (c) On the way to the exam hall

[9] In lectures you’d:
(a) Listen avidly, writing every single word spoken
 (b) Listen, take some notes and mess around with your friends
 (c) Drift in and out of consciousness, dribbling intermittently

[10] The principal was:
(a) Your hero
 (b) Some bloke you saw occasionally in the canteen
 (c) The person who chaired your disciplinary hearings

How did you do?

  • Mostly a’s
    You’re destined to achieve great things. And play golf. And have your socks arranged carefully in colour order in your wardrobe.
    Ideal job: Tax inspector.


  • Mostly b’s
    You’re practical, resourceful and normal (well, as normal as anyone can be who wants to work in agriculture!)
    Ideal job: Farmer.


  • Mostly c’s
    Routine is a problem. Work is a problem. Drink is a problem.
    Ideal job: Tramp.

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