Game Fair 2008 quiz

The three-day Game Fair opens its doors this week, so even if you’re not at the event, our quick quiz gives you the chance to test your knowledge on country sports and wildlife.

[1] The first day of the grouse season (12 Aug) is known as:
 (a) The gamey 12th
 (b) The glorious 12th
 (c) The magnificent 12th

[2] Which of these is not a dog breed?
 (a) Dandie Dinmont terrier
 (b) Skye terrier
 (c) Appalachian terrier

[3] The latin name for a browntrout is:
 (a) Salmo trutta
 (b) Salmo tapioca
 (c) Trutta traipa

[4] What are young pheasants called?
 (a) Poults
 (b) Smoults
 (c) Geoffrey

[5] What do rabbits live in?
 (a) A network
 (b) A warren
 (c) A sporran

[6] Which of these is a type of casting?
 (a) Spey casting
 (b) May casting
 (c) Flay casting

[7] What does the term “pugs and drummers” refer to?
 (a) Bulls and heifers
 (b) Ferrets and rabbits
 (c) Terriers and rats

[8] A baby hare is knows as:
 (a) A leveret
 (b) A bayonet
 (c) A harelet

[9] Gunmaker Holland & Holland was founded in:
 (a) 1735
 (b) 1835
 (c) 1935

[10] What are groups of crows sometimes known as?
 (a) A GBH
 (b) A manslaughter
 (c) A murder

How did you do?


1, b;
2, c;
3, a;
4, a;
5, b;
6, a;
7, b;
8, a;
9, b;
10, c 

See the Game Fair 2008 special report page.

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