Game Fair cancelled because of wet weather

The CLA Game Fair has been cancelled because of the rain.

“Adverse and worse-than-predicted weather which has hit Harewood Estate over the last 48 hours has now defeated all the efforts made in order to open the show this coming Friday,” say the organisers.

They say the site, caravan park and car parks would need continuous sunshine to make it possible to continue – but the forecast in Yorkshire is for more rain in the run-ip to Friday when the three-day was due to start.

Vincent Hedley Lewis, chairman of The CLA Game Fair Board, said: “Ourselves aside, our hearts go out to all the people whose livelihood is going to be affected by our not being able to go ahead. We have truly done all we could to keep the show going for everyone’s sake.

“To proceed this week with the wet conditions we are experiencing would be a health and safety risk as well as an even greater financial loss to the hundreds of businesses and individuals who support us each year. We were not defeated by foot and mouth in 2001, but the rain has defeated us this summer.”

Aside from the financial loss the organisers will have to bear, the overall economic impact of the cancellation will be in the region of £50million – the expected spend both inside the show and the local region.

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