German team mixes 1681t of silage in 24 hours

You may think you’re a pretty swift operator when it comes to getting silage out of the clamp and in front of the cows, but you’ll probably struggle to beat the record set by a group of 21 people from mixer wagon maker Siloking.

They took a Siloking 1000plus mixer to the Sailer biogas plant near Tengling, Upper Bavaria, Germany. This is not your common or garden mixer wagon, but a 30cu m, triple-axled monster with three vertical augers doing the mixing and a 272hp engine providing the power.

Using a ration of 65% maize silage and 35% grass and whole-crop silage, they mixed 1681t in a 24-hour period. The silage was taken from the clamp, mixed, temporarily stored in a separate clamp then finally returned to the original one.


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