Get your Valentine’s message in Farmers Weekly

Valentine’s Day – it’s a date some people adore, others hate.

But the February 14 tradition of sending messages to loved ones or those you secretly adore from afar (or possibly not-so-afar) is a long-established one.

We’re romantic souls here are Farmers Weekly, so are giving you the chance to send someone a very special Valentine’s message – one via Farmers Weekly.

Messages can be entirely anonymous, written in such a way that just the person they’re aimed at knows who they’re from, or very public “named” declarations of admiration.

Your messages can be short or long, romantic or light-hearted, old-fashioned or cryptic or possibly in verse. They can even have an agricultural theme.

Share them with us and we’ll try to make your (and someone else’s) Valentine’s Day very special this year.

Even if you’re a reluctant male romantic, just think doing this is cheaper than a bunch of roses!

Send us your Valentine’s messages

Send your email to us by Monday 11 February at and we’ll publish a selection on the website and in the magazine

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