Guest editor for Farmers Weekly and FWi

Farmers Weekly and Farmers Weekly Interactive will have a different feel this week as we have invited a farmer to become our guest editor.

Nick Padwick has been invited to be boss for the week as Farmers Weekly’s reigning Farmer of the Year.

It is the first time in Farmers Weekly’s 75-year history that FW and FWi have had a guest editor.

Nick is more usually found on the Co-operative Farms’ Stoughton Estate in Leicestershire, where he is farm manager.

“While I am in the Hot Seat I want to focus on how we are encouraging young people to see farming as a vital and exciting business sector, and one they want to have a career in,” he says.

“We need to understand how we can enthuse those already in the industry, at a time when delivering food and environmental sustainability is of prime importance.”

This week Farmers Weekly and FWi will therefore have a special focus on the role of farmworkers.

The aim is to celebrate the contribution made by everyone employed on farms and to start a debate about how we can encourage more young people into the industry.

• If you’d like to ask Nick a question about his time in charge then you can post on our forums.

• Find out more about Nick by watching this short video: 

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