Harvest 2023 photo competition: Winner and runners-up revealed

Thank you to everyone who entered the 2023 Farmers Weekly Harvest Photography Competition

We had more than 1,600 brilliant entries that captured a real sense of this summer’s harvest.

It was great to showcase the hard work carried out by our nation’s farmers.

Here, we crown our ultimate winner and reveal a selection of runners-up that impressed the judges.

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First-time harvest yields – Jacob Dennis

Combine harvesting

© Jacob Dennis

Jacob Dennis is the winner of the 2023 Farmers Weekly harvest photography competition.

His uniquely shot image encompassing crop, combine and carter takes pride of place on this week’s front cover.

The image shows his brother Joshua driving the New Holland TF78 combine and Joshua’s partner Kate grain carting in a Case 5140 during their first ever harvest as council farm tenants.

Joshua and Kate began their Cambridgeshire tenancy in October 2022, and are captured harvesting a crop of second wheat Zyatt, which yielded 8.5t/ha.

Kate, Joshua and Jacob Dennis

Kate, Joshua and Jacob Dennis © Joshua Dennis

“It’s been a tricky harvest with the weather but its good to have all the wheat and beans finally in the shed. Next for us will be sugar beet harvest in October and we also run a pick-your-own pumpkin patch,” says Joshua.

 “Thank you for running another year of the photo competition. We love to see all the brilliant pictures showcasing our industry at its best,” he adds.


Stormy Suffolk harvest – Amanda Plumpton

Combine parked up during harvest

© Amanda Plumpton

Amanda Plumpton took this stormy harvest picture of her husband parked up in the combine while the harvest team were forced to take a break between the many rainstorms this season.

“Harvest was a slow but sure battle against the weather,” says Amanda.

Vintage Cornish combine – Noah Kerkin

Combine harvester

© Noah Kerkin

Fourteen-year-old Noah Kerkin, who has a passion for farming and photography, took this shot of his family’s vintage New Holland Clayson 1530 combine in action.

His brother and father have a contracting business in Cornwall, where they also run a Claas Lexion 520.

Noah also has his own YouTube channel, where he shares agricultural videos of the family contracting business.

John Deere delight – Zak Mumford

Combine harvesting Downton Estates

© Zak Mumford

This photo of winter barley harvest at Downton Estates on the Herefordshire/Shropshire border was snapped by Zak Mumford.

The 24-year-old began his farming career as an apprentice at the estate and, after falling in love with the job, has been worked there for eight years.

“Working at Downton Estates, with its incredible views, definitely played a part in getting me into photography. Whether it was the landscapes, sunsets or machinery, I found myself trying to capture the moments,” he says.

Hot air balloon surprise – Rhys Chaney

Hot air balloon above combine

© Rhys Chaney

The Velcourt Cotswold Contracting team had a surprise visit from a hot air balloon when they were rained off from winter wheat harvest at Cornbury Park Estate.

Harvest worker Rhys Chaney from the Devon-Cornwall border captured the moment.

Wadlow windfarm – Daniel Reymer

Combining with wind farm in background

© Daniel Reymer

Contractor Daniel Reymer was big square bailing at Wadlow Wind Farm in Cambridge with a Case Puma 240 and Krone Bigpack when he took this picture.

“Having spent several years coming over from New Zealand to work, Wadlow is one of my favourite places to bale.”

Daniel works for a large contracting business in Waikato, North Island. He also writes articles for a Kiwi farming magazine, which includes testing and reviewing the latest farm machinery. 

Wilton windmill – Lucy Charman

Combining with windmill in background

© Lucy Charman

This photo features the only working Wessex windmill, which overlooks David Lemon’s farm.

The mill is more than 200 years old and still produces wholemeal flour.

Lucy Charman, rural adviser for the Country Land and Business Association, snapped the shot.

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