Farm Fit: Episode 3 – squat and run as fast as possible

Farmers Weekly has teamed up with farmer’s son Tom Kemp, from Farm Fitness, to share a series of exercises that you can do using items commonly found on a farm.

Over the next 10 weeks, the Farm Fit series will take you through a new workout every Wednesday, helping you to stay active and increase your strength and stamina during the coronavirus pandemic.

Whether you’re looking to shape up in preparation for our Britain’s Fittest Farmer competition or want some motivation to get fit at home, we’ve got you covered.

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What is Britain’s Fittest Farmer?

This competition is designed to get all farmers thinking and talking about their health – physical and mental – to make sure they are in top condition to run their farm businesses.

It aims to support farmers’ amazing work to put food on our plates and care for our countryside, by helping them to ensure they are fit to farm.

We’re looking for farmers who make fantastic ambassadors for health and fitness in agriculture, to help break the taboo of talking about mental health issues such as depression, eating disorders and rural isolation.

To find out more, see who has signed up already and apply yourself, go to the Britain’s Fittest Farmer website.

Episode 3 – prisoner squats and run for time

Swipe right to watch the video tutorial with Tom Kemp below and post your time in the comments.

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It’s week 3 of the #FarmFit series in collaboration with @tomkempfitness at @farm_fitness. . Have a go at this week’s body weight workout for the farmyard and post your time in the comments ? . Farmers Weekly has teamed up with farmer’s son Tom Kemp, from Farm Fitness, to share a series of exercises that you can do using items commonly found on a farm. . Whether you’re looking to shape up in preparation for our #BritainsFittestFarmer competition or want some motivation to get fit at home, we’ve got you covered ? . Britain’s Fittest Farmer 2020 is sponsored by @ineos_grenadier and brought to you in partnership with @farm_fitness and @fcncharity.

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Britain’s Fittest Farmer: Our sponsor and partners

Grenadier: Sponsor
Tough, rugged, agile – the new INEOS Grenadier 4X4 will share plenty of traits exhibited by the winner of Britain’s Fittest Farmer. That’s why we’re so pleased to be sponsoring this rural British physical challenge.

As an uncompromising, no frills, off-road vehicle, the Grenadier will provide all the capability, durability and reliability you need to tackle the toughest tasks on the farm. That’s why we see ourselves as the ideal partner for this true test of grit, endurance and strength.

For more information on Grenadier, pay a visit to their website.

Farm Fitness: Partner
Farm Fitness has rapidly become a burning beacon on the UK fitness scene, attracting spectators and participants from all over the country to come and take a swing at its almost alchemic blend of modified strongman, functional bodybuilding, calisthenics and blistering cardio efforts.

The gym, founded by farmer’s son Tom Kemp, was voted one of the best gyms in the world and ‘coolest outdoor space’ by Men’s Health (PDF)

Tom has blended his farming background with his love of training to create a raw and exciting outdoor environment for people of all strengths and abilities to get fit.

The Farming Community Network: Partner
The Farming Community Network (FCN) is a voluntary organisation and charity that supports farmers and families within the farming community through difficult times.

The charity has helped thousands of people deal with a variety of issues, including financial difficulties, animal disease, mental health and family disputes.

Volunteers provide free, confidential, pastoral and practical support to anyone who seeks help, regardless of whether the issue is personal or business-related. FCN also runs a confidential national helpline and e-helpline.