‘I have loved every moment of it!’

Hi I’m Sally, a first year Agriculture student at Newcastle University. So far I have been here six weeks and have loved every moment of it!

I found it really difficult to choose where to study agriculture, city or country? For me, the main two reasons I chose Newcastle were:

1. For the variation in people and places to socialise with, both during the day at sports/societies and at night, about ‘The Toon’.

2. For the balanced combination of the science behind agriculture, and the practical applications, as we see in demonstrations and farm visits.

When I moved in I found it strange being a country girl in the city…then I met the Agrics! As a society we act as one big family, everyone watches out for each other, we socialise together regularly and I found it really easy to chat and make friends with many people in the years above me and on different courses.

Newcastle University is situated in the city centre. Whilst Agriculture is usually practiced in a rural environment, the degree is BSc Agriculture; you are there to learn a lot about the science involved in Agriculture, so it isn’t a necessity to be on a farm all the time. However since many agric students come from or live on farms it is difficult to get used to city, but if you keep busy by doing sport or any of the wide selection of clubs and societies, then time will fly. In addition, within a five-minute walk from the university you can be walking through Leazes Park, surrounded by cattle and grass, so it isn’t that different.

Many of the people studying Agriculture live in Castle Leazes halls. It is only a short walk away from the Agriculture building and has a great atmosphere. However I have been placed in halls miles away from most of my friends. Although it is a pain when meeting up on a night, you have to embrace the social variation,and one of the reasons I came to Newcastle over other institutions, was to meet a diverse range of people doing courses other than agriculture and other rural based courses.

writes Sally Hall

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