Kaleb Cooper launches new charity farming single

Farmer and Clarkson’s Farm star Kaleb Cooper has branched into the music industry with the release of his new country rap single, “I Can’t Stand Sheep!”.

The lighthearted release marks Mr Cooper’s latest effort to raise awareness of the struggles facing farmers and the farming community, with all proceeds from the single to be donated to agricultural charity Rabi.

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Announcing the release, Mr Cooper said: “Never did I think I’d be saying these words, that I’m releasing a record. I had a lot of fun recording it and I hope that people like it – but there is also a serious side to it.

“As a community, farmers are only too aware of how pressurised the industry has become – the farming way of life can feel lonely at times.

“I wanted to make sure that if people are struggling, they have somewhere to reach out to.”

Mr Cooper has incorporated Rabi’s 24/7 helpline number (0800 188 4444) into the rap’s lyrics, so that the charity’s services can be broadcast on new platforms.

“Rabi offers incredible support to the farming community in a range of different ways and this felt like the perfect solution to get that message out,” Mr Cooper explains.

“All profits will go towards helping fund the valuable work they do – so please download the single now and help contribute.”

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