Make your entry stand out from the crowd

Pride, motivation, improved public profile, higher grain and beef prices and a bottle of bubbly from the bank manager were all part of the fallout for the winners of the 2010 Farmers Weekly Awards winners. And this year should be no different.

But how do you make sure your entry goes to the top of the pile?

“Good presentation helps, but it’s simply about giving us the information that makes you and your farming business stand out,” says awards director Debbie Beaton.

“The hundreds of entries received are read carefully by a panel of judges, who will be looking for evidence of the achievements that you have made over the past few years.”

Top tips: How to make your entry stand out

Tell us a story Your business is probably the product of a generation of hard work. Judges will be looking for the ideas, skills and passion that enabled your business to grow. They will be looking for foresight. How are you planning to take advantage of new opportunities? Give them the big picture.

Get technical Profitability in farming can come down to the smallest of margins, so we want to hear how you are driving productivity and cost efficiency. From machinery and breeding innovations to labour restructuring and alternative marketing strategies, show the judges how you are applying yourself to challenges of both today and tomorrow.

Show us you are a leader In the eyes of the judges, farming is undoubtedly a business for the future and they want to know who is going to be leading the way. From resource efficiency and environmental stewardship to new enterprises, what frontiers are you pushing?

Be creative Do not be afraid of offering us more than a few words on a form. The judges are an impressionable bunch and need to be shown as well as told why you should win. From promotional materials, photographs and even videos to letters of endorsement from farm walks, a bit of colour in the judge’s eye will go a long way.

Start a dialogue The world of marketing is shifting rapidly and the means by which we produce our food and energy is in the spotlight more than ever. Judges want to know how you are working across the supply chain. Are you listening to what’s going on around you as well as talking a good game?

Sounds like too much hard work?

Some of you may feel that putting yourself up for an award is not quite your cup of tea. So why is it worth the effort? This year we are offering some expert advice on exactly that. On Monday 7 March Farmers Weekly editor Jane King and awards director Debbie Beaton will be on hand to field your calls. Give them a ring and make the most of your application.

Call Jane King on 020 8652 8122

Call Debbie Beaton on 020 8652 4080

What’s in it for you?

* New opportunities: Build your network and open new doors to industry clients, contracts and supplier deals

* Independent advice: The process of being judged for the awards is a great way to find out whether you are doing a good job

* Put the best of British farming on the map: Showcase the value of agriculture to the rest of society and get some free PR and marketing to boot

* Recognition: Soak up the support from the whole industry for all your hard work

* Farming Oscars: Experience the biggest night in the farming calendar, celebrating with the great and the good in British farming.

Whatever you do, do not hold back.

How to enter

To enter the 2011 Farmers Weekly Awards download an entry form online or simply nominate someone you think deserves to have their achievements recognised.

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