Man’s best friend: 7 dogs from our photo competition

At Farmers Weekly we can’t resist looking at the Pets category. Here are some of the photos that have been sent in so far of man’s – and woman’s – best friend.

We’ve had hundreds of photos sent in to our photo competition, and there’s still time to enter.

The winner will receive £250 and get their photo into Farmers Weekly magazine’s Christmas edition.

There are eight categories: Machinery, Livestock, Landscapes, People, Wildlife, Pets, Black and white, and Young photographer.

See the Photo Competition 2018 to enter or just browse the photos so far.

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Could any photo say “autumn” better than this?

Dog sitting in autumn leaves by debbie silverthorne

From Debbie Silverthorne

Winter is coming… he even has one blue eye!

dog in snow by williem celroy

From Williem Celroy

Nice fangs!

Dogs teeth close up by Holly Fletcher

From Holly Fletcher

Isn’t it a bit cold now for swimming outside?

Dog swimming from Jim Wilson

From Jim Wilson

No, no, no. It’s mine

Dogs playiing with toy from Zoe Davies

From Zoe Davies

Now… how do we get this started?

Dog in tractor by Georgina Duckitt

From Georgina Duckitt