Marriage proposal cultivated in field

A farmworker has proposed to his girlfriend in a novel way – cultivating the words “Will You Marry Me?” in huge letters in a field.

John Jardine, who works at Denholm in the Scottish Borders, hatched the romantic plan to “wow” his other half, Hayley Thomson.

The 29-year-old created the message that was more than 100m long and 24m high in a field where it would be clearly visible from a local landmark, Fatlips Castle.

“I was nervous – I had butterflies for the whole day,” he said.

He then concocted a story to persuade Hayley to go with him to the landmark so he could pop the question.

“We’d gone there on one of our first dates so it’s a special spot for us,” he said.

John and Hayley with daughter Larissa

John and Hayley with daughter Larissa

John went armed with a ring, which he’d hidden away in the farm workshop where there was no risk of Hayley finding it.

“I’d been planning it since the spring, but had to wait for the wheat crop to be harvested and for the bales to be cleared so I could create the message.”

Hayley, a 24-year-old beauty therapist, said: “He made up a story about needing my help rounding up some sheep – so I couldn’t understand it when took me to Fatlips.

“He then ushered me round the side, showed me the message and went down on one knee.”

The shocked and tearful Hayley immediately said yes and the couple are now looking forward to planning their big day.

“We’ve got a three-year-old daughter, Larissa, so she’s very excited,” added Hayley.

As for the message itself? Well, sadly, that won’t last forever – the field will be ploughed and drilled with oats.

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