MLC under attack for refusing pig levy ‘holiday’

The National Pig Association is challenging a decision by the Commissioners of the Meat and Livestock Commission not to support an application for a levy “holiday” for pig farmers.

A three month levy suspension had been proposed by the British Pig Executive in a bid to help producers struggling to cope with rising costs.

But the MLC said they felt it was not an “appropriate strategy” and could have many ramifications.

It pointed to the fact that it could only make a decision on GB basis and the Scottish industry was clearly opposed to the proposal.

In a letter to MLC chairman Peter Barr, Richard Lister, chairman of the National Pig Association‘s producer group said the decision not to give the go-ahead to the proposal was an “error” and needed to be reconsidered.


The majority of pig levy payers were in favour of the proposal and the suggestion had been endorsed by the NPA, the NFU and BPQ – the pig industry’s biggest levy payer.

“It is vital that this situation is resolved immediately so that it does not undermine all the good work that the MLC has done for the pig industry in the past and even threaten future support for BPEX Ltd,” he said.

There is suspicion in the industry that Commissioners are reluctant to agree to the suspension of the levy for pig producers, because sheep producers would be likely to mount a similar campaign.

An emergency BPEX meeting is planned for Wednesday, 5 December.

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