Photo competition: Get your harvest picture on Farmers Weekly’s front cover

Farmers Weekly is offering readers the chance to see one of their harvest photographs on the front cover of the magazine.

All you’ve got to do to be in with a chance of winning this unique prize is upload your shots of the summer season to our Harvest 2015 photo gallery.

Uploading pictures is quick and easy – you can even put up to 10 pictures in there at once with a few simple keystrokes.

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We’re looking for a snap that captures the spirit of this year’s harvest experience, but it could focus on the crop, the combines, a tractor, people hard at work or perhaps a more unusual aspect.

The winning picture will be the main image on a cover of Farmers Weekly towards the end of the summer or in the early autumn.

We’ll announce a closing date later in the summer (it depends how early or late harvest is), but when we spot the perfect picture we’ll use it, so don’t take too long to send in your entries!

How to enter

  • Upload your pictures direct to the Harvest 2015 photo gallery
  • Remember to include a little bit of information about where it was taken and what’s happening
  • Pictures need to be of high enough resolution for us to print
  • Uploading pictures is quick and easy, but if you do need any additional help, there are some step-by-step instructions

Tips on taking a potential cover shot

  • Have a look at the sort of pictures that usually appear on the front of Farmers Weekly
  • Close-ups can often work better than long-distance, pastoral shots
  • Give some thought to the composition, as we’ll need a picture that either is – or can be cut to become – a square shape
  • The picture would also need a little space on it for us to add some cover lines (these are the words that you’ll see on any cover of Farmers Weekly)
  • We’re particularly keen on photos featuring combines/tractors or other machinery

Upload your pictures

Read full terms and conditions related to Harvest 2015 photos 

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