Photos: Autumn on the farm

Autumn is arguably one of our prettiest seasons and from the photos our readers have sent in recently, we can see it’s undoubtedly one of the most colourful, too.

Here’s a collection of some of the fabulous shots we’ve received from our gallery users, showing just how glorious autumn on the farm can be.

Thanks to everyone who sent in their shots. We love to see what our readers are up to, so keep them coming.

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“Every farmer has their favourite” was uploaded last week by Glasgoforest, an organic dairy farm in Aberdeenshire. They said “everyone seems to be taken with Dave the shorthorn cross” and it’s not hard to see why.

Shorthorn cross

Hcross took this stunner of a photo on an October evening at Whitehouse Farm and aptly named it “Flaming Sunset”.

Flaming Sunset

Thank you to Cheekylols for this “Beauty Shot”, which has captured the fierceness of autumnal light strikingly.


The “Autumn Harvest” captured by HobKnob gave an almost spooky light to the later harvest proceedings.

Autumn harvest

NatashaBaker28’s flock prove that humans aren’t the only ones with a keen eye for selfies.


Norwichboy took this photo while bringing in his highland cattle for the winter. Their coats almost identically match the colour of the autumn leaves found all over at this time.


Gary Bevan pulling a 12m Horsch CO12 drill converted to Weaving Sabre Tines.

12m Horsch CO12 drill

Tyrrell uploaded this lovely picture, from when they were “Off to shepherd the livestock with our happy hound”. Proving not everyone has been adversely affected by the end of summer.


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