Photos: FW readers’ harvest supper

With harvest 2021 beginning to wind down for the year, we reflect on the snapshots that really showcase the family together: supper time.

From sending hard-working tractor drivers their tea, sharing a bite to eat with the dog, or enjoying sandwiches by the bales, Farmers Weekly readers have captured the rare moments between a busy harvest season.

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Below, we share some of our favourite photos sent in. Don’t forget, there’s still time to send in your harvest photos for the chance to feature on the cover of Farmers Weekly magazine.

Here are some of our top entries:

1. Amy Hyde Parker shares her foodie photo. Did we mention that we love the paper bag!

Tractor and paper bag of lunch

© Amy Hyde Parker

2. It’s a sunset supper for Tris Heal and family. “After a busy day getting machine back up running, my partner brought my colleague and I a fish and chip supper. It was great catching up with the kids after long week and it gave us a big lift to get machine field ready again that night.”

Fish and chip supper in field

© Tris Heal

3. Paul Tallentire captured this harvest supper moment with Ava, Erin, Grace and Paige.

Combine and children in field

© Paul Tallentire

4. Milly waits for a share of lunch! Great photo sent in from Martha Wilson.

Farmer and his dog

© Martha Wilson

5. Laura Rooke frames the family after a long harvest day. Reggie, Ted and Hettie take dad (Antony) his tea and enjoy the moments telling him all about their day.

Tea in the field

© Laura Rooke

6. “Feeding the farmer” was the title Rachel Busby gave this photo. “It shows our youngest daughter taking the tea (she had helped to pack) to her daddy who was in a nearby field on our small family farm in Lincolnshire.”

Girl with packed lunch

© Rachel Busby