Photos: Harvest and autumn scenes

Harvest is now over for most farmers – a fast-receding memory as other tasks become the priority. Here are a few more of the lovely pictures you have shared with us capturing harvest – and what followed.

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cultivating after oilseed rape in mid-Suffolk

© Heather Tanner

Heather Tanner sent us this one showing cultivation after oilseed rape in mid-Suffolk. “We have more gulls than Aldeburgh,” she says.

Coming to the end of the pea harvest in the Scottish Borders

© Susie Byass

Coming to the end of the pea harvest in the Scottish Borders, says Susie Byass. She titled this picture “The Final Pea”.

Late night cultivating Pembrokeshire.

© Simon Hargrave

Owen Morgan late-night cultivating in Pembrokeshire. It was snapped by holidaymaker Simon Hargrave from Leicestershire.

Bertie, chilling on a bale.

© Ellis Drakes

Bertie, chilling on a bale. Taken by Ellis Drakes.

Tractor ploughing in field

© timemeanseverything

Field with red sunset

© timemeanseverything

FWi gallery user ‘timemeanseverything’ shared these two – they show ploughing and an iconic evening scene.

Rainbow over a combine at harvest

© Charlotte Branwhite

Dark skies were a sight that many people were all too familiar with this summer – maybe the rainbow was a harbinger of better weather to come? Thanks to Charlotte Branwhite for sharing the picture.

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