Photos: Jersey cows in jumpers ready for a dairy Christmas

With about two weeks to go until Christmas, ’tis the season for… dressing your cows in festive jumpers, apparently.

Farmer Becky Houzé put her beautiful Jersey cows in Christmas knitwear to spread the season’s cheer and share an important message about the quality food these ladies churn out.

The aptly named bovines, Carol, Holly, Mary, Noelle and Mariah Dairy (our personal favourite), donned colourful tops to pose with their farmer, who’s crackers about Christmas.

Jersey cows and woman wearing matching Christmas jumpers

Farmer Becky Houzé with her festive Jerseys © Visit Jersey

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“We love Christmas at the farm,” says fourth-generation Jersey farmer Becky. “This year we took the opportunity to ‘cast off’ an all-new look for the girls to help get into the festive spirit by creating matching Christmas jumpers.

“It took a while to cow-ordinate the right design, but we think we’ve landed on a look worthy of the cream of the crop. With just 15 days to go until Santa comes to town, we’ve definitely got the Christmas feeling”.

Woman in Christmas jumper holding mistletow above her head with cow in Christmas jumper in front of her

Farmer Becky Houzé gets into the Christmas spirit with her Jerseys © Visit Jersey

Tourism board Visit Jersey worked with Becky as part of the Yuletide stunt, to promote the traditional dairy breed as an iconic part of the island’s history.

Cow wearing a Christmas jumper

© Visit Jersey

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