Photos: Storms, sunshine and snow – farming’s 2015 weather

Weather-wise, we’ve pretty much had it all this year. The good, the bad and the devastating. Here are a few of the extremes, summed up in pictures by FW picture gallery users.

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Storm Desmond devastated big parts of the country, but at the beginning of the 2015, it was Storm Rachel that was the threat. Here’s how it was viewed by “darcy2014” in County Wexford.

Storm Rachel seen through a wing mirrow

Spring warmth

Spring blossom is always a welcome sight – this shot of a bee in flight was captured by “patrick2012”.

Bee in spring blossom


This scene was entered into the Landscapes category of the Farmers Weekly Photography competition by “Rijol”.

Foggy field


This shot by “Blodyn” shows Welsh Mountain ewes and lambs in Gwynedd.

Sheep on snowy hillside


Rain was never far away for many at harvest and this one shows the barley harvest near Tarland in Aberdeenshire – it was taken by “Cromar”.

Clouds at harvest


There were, of course, brighter spells too – and Clover the Border Terrier enjoys the sunshine in Herefordshire. Thanks to “hightless” for sharing the moment.

Dog in field at harvest

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