Photos: Wombats, royalty and nappers sum up the summer show season

The Farmers Weekly Livestock team have had a very busy June and July, with the Royal Highland, Great Yorkshire and Royal Welsh Shows. 

Here are a few of the photos we snapped when out and about that capture the spirit of the events, from royal guests to cheeky nappers – and even a wombat.

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It has been a thoroughly enjoyable show season.

Happy visitors at the Royal Welsh Show

©Tim Scrivener

The aisles have been packed with people enjoying the attractions, socialising, showing and shopping.

Crowds at the Royal Welsh Show

©Tim Scrivener

There were royals… Prince Charles visited the Great Yorkshire Show.

Prince Charles at the Great Yorkshire Show

©Tim Scrivener

Inventions… The Wombat pothole repairer was built using a series of scrap excavator parts and works by stirring up the material in and around the pothole, getting rid of the dish-like shape.

Wombat pothole repairer

And innovations… of sorts. No prizes for guessing which show this was!

A kilted man at the Royal Highland Show, with a toothpaste tube tucked into his socks

©Tim Scrivener

The Royal Welsh was not without its creativity, though. This, believe it or not, is a caravan…

John Deere painted caravan

©Richard Stanton

But we must not forget, the outstanding livestock at all of the summer shows.

Back-ends of Limousin cattle in a line

©Tim Scrivener

And the exhibitors, young and old.

Young showman at the Great Yorkshire Show

©Tim Scrivener

All the excitement got a bit too much for some.

A visitor at the Royal Welsh Show takes a nap on a straw bale

©Tim Scrivener

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