PHOTOS: Your FW on tour shots

Readers love sharing pictures of themselves and their friends with copies of Farmers Weekly in unusual places.

We’ve got so many that we’ve opened a gallery for them called FW on Tour – shots of you at home and abroad with a copy of your facourite read in places where you wouldn’t normally expect to see Farmers Weekly.

It contains pictures of you at sporting occasions, at famous landmarks, on holiday (remember those?) and in far-flung reaches of the globe.

Here are a few of the more recent additions including Trevor Davey’s snap shown above. Mr Davey, Bishopsteignton in Devon took his picture with the magazine on the Great Wall of China. “While waiting for my wife and children to catch their breath, I thought I’d check out the tractor review,” he said.

  • Tom and Rosie on a canal boat
    Charlie Reeve, 16, took this picture of 18-year-old Tom and six-year-old Rosie on a canal boat in rural Warwickshire.

  • Singapore hotel
    Nev Ward from Nottinghamshire and John Bostock from Staffordshire “posing” at the top of the Marina Sands Hotel, Singapore. They are standing on the “boat-shaped” sky park at the top of the hotel. Behind them is the Singapore Flyer and part of the Grand Prix circuit…

  • Tunisia
    This one was posted to the gallery by FWi user, JK 7280R. Titled “Tractors in Tunisia” it shows a sun-seeker looking at the latest machinery deals while enjoying a short break.

  • Wedding
    When Carl and Kimberley Bradbury from Middleton-by-Youlgrave in Derbyshire got married at Monyash Church, they managed to spare a few minutes to have a read of the latest news and views.

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If you’d like to share your pictures, either upload them directly to the gallery or email them to with a few details about where and when they were taken.

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