PICTURE STORY: Combines are still rolling in October

Combines are still at work for some people – despite it being late October.

Farmers Weekly has been sent some new pictures for its Harvest Highlights Gallery which show some more unusual crops being harvested.

harvesting sunflowers 2harvesting sunflowers

Nicholas Watts of Vine House Farm in South Lincs is the largest grower of sunflowers in the UK. This year Vine House Farm has grown over 400 acres of eight different crops for bird seed.  Mr Watts said: “The sunflower harvest has been very late this year due to the cool summer but the recent fine weather has been a bonus and they are now all safely gathered in. Most sunflowers in the world go to make oil but at Vine House Farm they are all grown to sell as bird seed which we retail out from our farm here in South Lincolnshire. “

harvesting buckwheat

harvesting buckwheat 2

This picture by Sue Morgan from Hereforshire was taken on 23 October at Mr P Wrixon’s Deveraux Farm, Norton Canon, near Weobley, Hereford. It shows a Lexion 430 belonging to Mervyn Synnock of Weobley, near Hereford, combining buckwheat on a beautiful clear autumn day. The moisture a few days before had been 19%, but this had dropped a bit by the time this picture was taken.

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