PICTURE STORY: The best and worst of harvest 2007

The 2007 harvest is proving a challenge for many farmers, but readers continue to send in their Harvest Highlights pictures.

Some of them show harvest how it should be, while others capture the problems caused by the wet conditions. 

Here is a small selection of the best and worst of harvest 2007:

combine in Oxon

This picture of a John Deere 9880iSTS combine working in Oxfordshire was sent in by reader Matthew Brown

combine in devon

Harvest 2007 in the Exe Estuary. Picture submitted by Bill Mullery of Horrabridge, Devon.

burning combine

Every farmer’s nightmare…Alexandra Mackellar of Home Farm, Chartley, Stafford sent in a series of pictures of her father’s combine which went up in smoke on Aug 22 while in a crop of wheat. The machines is a write off but no one was hurt.

To see more pictures of these combines and for other reader pictures visit the Harvest Highlights Picture Gallery.





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