Potato advent calendar raises spud variety awareness on social media

The Potato Shop, a potato retailer, from Tenterden in Kent, has made the most of advent sharing potato-themed photos, jokes, recipes and funny-shaped spuds on social media.

The retailer sells online to pubs and restaurants and via an honesty stall on the Morghew Park Estate, where farmer Tom Lewis grows 20 varieties of potato each year on 14ha of the 730ha estate.

The potato advent calendar was the idea of Nicki Crawley who runs The Potato Shop’s social media channels as well as a lot of their retail business.

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“It was just a bit of fun to begin with, to create awareness about us and the varieties we grow,’ she said, “and it has done, it’s got quite a lot of attention. I’m making a potato baby Jesus now, so we will see how that goes down”.

The Potato Shop’s bestseller at the moment, in the run up to Christmas, is the Mayan gold because they’re great for roasties. “It’s a really nice variety. This time of year, everyone goes crazy for Mayan gold,” says Nicki.

As well as a ‘Spudnik potato’ in celebration of Tim Peake’s launch and some delicious recipes, Nicki has shared these great spud shots that she snapped at the shop…

Day 12 was a celebration of the different shapes and sizes that potatoes grow to. “Looks like they love us” tweeted Nicki.

Potato hearts © The Potato Shop

© The Potato Shop

Day 16 was a reminder to get your mail order potatoes booked in time for Christmas. The spud sleigh.

The spud sleigh © The Potato Shop

© The Potato Shop

Day 18 was a “thumbs up for Friday”.

Potato thumbs up © The Potato Shop

© The Potato Shop

You can see the whole advent calendar here on twitter @ThePotatoShop or on their Facebook page.

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