RABI spent £1.381m in grants during 2004

DURING 2004 the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution assisted 1663 individuals and families, paying out 14,490 separate grants totalling more than £1.381m.

At the same time fund raising activities across the country, mostly organised through the 51 voluntary county committees, raised over £650,000 through a wide variety of events.

The RABI is the national charity for those involved in Farming ain England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Established by farmers in 1860, it assists all those in need in the farming community.

While the main focus of RABI’s work has always been the retired and disabled it also provides assistance to working farming families facing severe financial hardship as a result of death, disease or disaster.

Chief executive, Patrick Shrevington said:  “All the indications are that our resources and expertise will continue to be needed more than ever before. 

RABI’s thrust must be ‘fundraising, fundraising, fundraising,’ this has to be our crusade as without fundraising we can not deliver our core product of care,” he added.