Rihanna farmer stars in rap video to promote milk

A farmer who ordered Rihanna to cover up during the filming of a raunchy video on his farm has starred in a rap video to promote milk.

Alan Graham, 63, famously interrupted Rihanna during filming of her award-winning video We Found Love on his farm in Bangor, County Down, in 2011.

Now Mr Graham has turned to music himself to promote a video as part of a dairy campaign to encourage more young people to drink milk.

The Bangor councillor opens the video by hand-milking a cow in rhythm to the beat that starts the music track.

The video, called Milk It for All It’s Worth, features Danny Houston, a rapper from Strabane, athletes from St Mary’s University College hurling team, the Northern Ireland ladies’ football team and the Knight Wheelchair Basketball Club.


The Milk It campaign, which is jointly funded by the EU, is designed to educate young people about the benefits of milk as part of a healthy, active lifestyle.

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