Royal Welsh Show 2016: In pictures – heatwave hits visitors

Temperatures at the Royal Welsh Show soared on Tuesday (19 July) and it wasn’t just the ice creams that were melting.

Organisers of the event had an additional articulated lorry load of bottled water delivered on the Monday evening, in order to ensure there was enough for the crowds.

These photos give a flavour of the heatwave.

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Some visitors soaked up the sun while watching the main ring

Royal Welsh Show visitors in the sun

© Richard Stanton

While others used animal brollies as parasols

Royal Welsh Show visitor uses brolly

© Richard Stanton

Royal Welsh visitor uses umbrella to block the sun

© Hayley Parrott/RBI

Animals and their owners had to take a rest in the rings

Woman sits down with cow at Royal Welsh Show

© Tim Scrivener

Man sits down at Royal Welsh Show with cow

© File photo

Livestock relied on fans and a good soaking to keep their temperatures down

Sheep and a fan at the Royal Welsh Show

© Richard Stanton

Cow gets a soaking at Royal Welsh Show

© Richard Stanton

And water and ice cream were very popular

Water and ice cream at the Royal Welsh Show

© Richard Stanton

Cow drinking water at the Royal Welsh Show