Rural romance: Heart of the Countryside – Iain and Jane

Welcome to the Farmers Weekly series putting country couples in the spotlight in a bid to work out what makes rural relationships tick. Here we put the questions to Iain and Jane Tapp, who met in August 2009, and live near Crediton in Devon.




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Iain Tapp
Jane Tapp

Iain Tapp Jane Tapp

What are your recollections of how/where you met?

Arriving late to meet Jane and the barman at the pub asked us if we were on a blind date, then kept shouting across the room to ask how the evening was going.

When we finally met after months of email and chat through Muddy Matches and then on Facebook, the barman kept asking us how it was going!

What do you like most about your other half?

Her positive outlook on life.

He has brightened my world in every way.

How would describe their personality?

Kind, great sense of humour, loyal, always looking out for people who are having a hard time.

Hard working, funny, understanding and kind.

And their dress sense?

Prefers old clothes, but loves to dress up occasionally.

Mostly muddy, but scrubs up pretty nicely when required!

And if you could change one thing about them what would it be?

To make her enjoy skiing a little more so we could go more often.

To be able to pin him down to times a little more would be great – I never used to be late to everything!

What’s the highlight of your time together?

Our wedding day and our first holiday when we took our six kids skiing for a week after only being together for a month.

Our amazing wedding day.

What’s their most annoying habit?

Talking over someone, but that’s the teacher in her!

That would probably be the time thing again, but I’d have to say I think he is improving!

What’s the secret to a good relationship?

Communication, humour and flirting with each other.

Communication and making time for each other.

Are rural people more romantic than urban ones?

Rural people can pull it out of the bag when it matters.


Love is?

Just wanting them to be with you and share life’s highs and lows.

Feeling that everything you’re doing is for each other, and whatever it is you can do it together.

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