Rural Romance: Heart of the Countryside – Rupert and Clare

Welcome to the Farmers Weekly series putting country couples in the spotlight in a bid to work out what makes rural relationships tick.

Here we put the questions to Rupert Hill and Clare Smith, who met in March 2012.

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Rupert Hill
Clare Smith

Rupert Hill Clare Smith

What are your recollections of how/where you met?

On our second date in a restaurant I managed to pour a glass of water all over my best shirt.

Awkwardly, in a bar near Oxford train station after a string of emails on Muddy Matches.

What do you like most about your other half?

In a group she can stop me boring on and make me sound remotely intelligent.

His patience and his kindness.

How would describe their personality?


Considerate, respectful and fun!

And their dress sense?

Very fashionable.

Better now that i’m in charge.

And if you could change one thing about them what would it be?

Punctuality. my beloved has a “give or take an hour or so” approach to being anywhere.

Nothing at all, honestly!

What’s the highlight of your time together?

Lambing this year was a delight under some very tiring and trying circumstances.

Holiday in Greece, it was early on and a bit of a marker to see if we could spend a week together.

What’s the most annoying habit?

Leaving the cleaning of the livestock trailer to yours truly.

Oblivion when it comes to the dog, particularly hair ALL over the house.

What’s the secret to a good relationship?

A conversation about the day and, of course, I fancy the pants off her!

Being part of a team.

Are rural people more romantic than urban ones?

I challenge any urbanite to see your other half knee high in dung one minute then bath and bed the next.

Certainly! Until you have revived a lifeless lamb you haven’t really experienced rural romance.

Love is?

Helping each other over the tough times and supporting each other.

A feeling that all can be overcome, as long as you are together.

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