Sexism row erupts over men-only fatstock show dinner

A Devon fatstock show’s ban on women attending an awards dinner has been branded an embarrassment to the agriculture industry by outraged farmers.

The row has erupted over the Dartmouth Fatstock Show’s tradition of only allowing men to its annual dinner, even if women win awards for their stock.

The show’s chair, Phil Bond, has defended the sexist rule, saying it is traditional to only let men attend the dinner and dismissed the argument as “petty”. The show took place on Tuesday (11 December).

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The show’s website describes the event, which has run for more than 100 years, as “a unique opportunity to feel a sense of pride in our local families, farmers and produce.”

Female farmers, the wider industry and the general public have poured scorn on the show’s out-dated attitude to gender equality and called on the organisers to join the 21st century.

One farmer is reported to have resigned from the show’s committee in protest, claiming his pleas for change fell on deaf ears.

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