Survey shows Molly is most popular name for pets

Naming pets, like naming kids, can be a tricky business.

The RSPCA’s new survey of pet names, which was completed by nearly 2000 people, shows Molly is now the most popular names for both dogs and cats, while horse lovers like Star best.

The once-popular pooch name of Ben (which actually topped the list in 2001) has disappeared out of the top 10 – which RSPCA acting chief veterinary officer David McDowell described as “a real shocker”. He added: “It’s always been a solid name for a dog, standing for loyalty and friendship.”

Jack, Holly and Max are other common choices for woofers while Felix, Smudge and Sooty are also liked by cat owners. April, Amber and Candy are frequently chosen by horse owners.

What do you think are the best names for pets? If you’ve got a favourite, one you particularly dislike or have ever had a pet with a particularly unusual one, join the debate on the forums

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