Trespass scheme cuts crime in Cumbria

Farmwatch and Trespass scheme members are less likely to be victims of crime, according to data from Cumbria Police.

Latest statistics show that members of Cumbria’s Farmwatch scheme are less likely than non-members to be a victim of crime, with members of the Trespass scheme safest of all.

The Trespass scheme is a voluntary addition to Farmwatch where members agree to their premises’ details being included on a list given to known criminals who target rural communities.

Criminals given the list are informed that they face legal action should they trespass on land of participants to this scheme.

A spokesman for Cumbria Constabulary said there were presently 1587 premises registered in FarmWatch, 409 in the Trespass scheme, and 25 criminals in receipt of the warning letter.

The crime rates per 1,000 premises of non-members of FarmWatch was 38.5, for members it was 30.2 and for the Trespass scheme participants the crime rate per 1,000 premises fell to 16.9.

Farmwatch scheme members agree to receive information by phone, text or email. They also receive free crime prevention advice on protecting your property and reduced cost (or sometimes free) security products.

Cumbria rural areas traditionally see increases in crime beginning in April each year. The main items stolen in March 2011 were fuel, metal, cash, jewellery and tools.

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