TV soap Emmerdale introducing a ‘modern-day’ farming family

A complaint often heard in the farming industry is that TV dramas often give an old-fashioned view of agriculture. But could that be about to change?

The TV soap Emmerdale is introducing a new family to its cast which are being billed as a modern-day farming family.

The soap may once have been called Emmerdale Farm, but in recent years it has rather turned its back on its agricultural roots.

However, Emmerdale’s press machine has just announced that in July viewers will see the arrival of the Barton family.

“The idea is that they’re trading up farms. They’ve come to the village to make something of Butler’s farm,” says the Emmerdale production team. 

“John [Barton] has a good business head on him. He’s got a modern approach and a modern way of farming. So he’s hands on but he also knows how to make money.”

Gavin Blyth, Emmerdale series producer said: “We wanted to stay true to Emmerdale’s heritage by introducing a modern-day farming family at the heart of the village. The Bartons will continue to take the show forward in contemporary style as the show embraces a series of new signings for an exciting future.”

Do you think that how farmers are portrayed in drama series is important? Do you think this is a step forward?

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