Video: Boots and Heels react to OnlyFans Model Farmers show

Boots and Heels presenters Lizzie and Becca watched a new OnlyFans farming reality TV show to debate its pros and cons. 

For those of you who have never heard of OnlyFans, it’s a social media platform known for its explicit content – but hold on to your hats, that’s not what the new show is all about. 

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It features OnlyFans creators and reality TV personalities competing against each other as they complete tasks on the farm, such as milking and mucking out. 

The creator of the show, Becky Houze – known as Jerseycowgirl – is a Channel Islands farmer who runs 220 milkers and 140 followers on Jersey. 

Lizzie and Becca took a look at episode one to judge if this is a positive move for farming’s image or whether the Love Island treatment is not what the industry needs. 

Becky admits she was initially dubious about the move. “I only knew OnlyFans for the wrong reasons, and that doesn’t really relate to the content I post.” 

But she defends Model Farmers as engaging for fellow farmers as well as the public, and still supports the message that farming is a serious career in a dynamic, modern industry. 

“It’s all about advocating for the agriculture industry, but doing it right,” she says. 

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