VIDEO: Delicious recipes from Philippa Vine

Philippa Vine is in nostalgic mood – picking out three of her favourite Farmers Weekly recipes

Listening to a report on Woman’s Hour that looked back at the effects of the foot-and-mouth crisis 10 years ago reminded me this is also the 10th anniversary of me writing these recipes for Farmers Weekly.

Given the initial contract was only for six months, it’s hard to believe that I’m still here 10 years later – although my expanding waistline is a testament to 10 years of tasting.

To mark this milestone, those nice people at Farm Life have indulged me by letting me do three of my favourite recipes this month.

Somewhat fittingly, one of these uses a rack of lamb, which happens to be the cut I used for Masterchef when I was a contestant during the outbreak, and I remember being worried about getting our lamb to the abattoir during the movement restrictions. Accompanying the lamb is a mint salsa, which is like an intense savoury relish, and once you’ve tried it with roast lamb you won’t want to go back to plain old mint sauce that swims around your plate in a vinegary wash. You can leave out the mint to serve this sauce with fish or replace the mint with tarragon to give a wow factor to roast beef or steak.