Video: Heatwave takes its toll on farmer and her stock

The long hot summer has been a joy for many people in the UK, but it’s thrown up several problems for livestock farmer Sarah Denne to tackle.

In the latest episode of our favourite fly-on-the-wall farming series, Buckinghamshire farmer Sarah is once again joined by her London-based son Rufus, who wants to see how the farm is faring in the drought.

Like all farmers, Sarah has been flat out in the heatwave to ensure her sheep and cattle have enough water and grass to survive.

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As stock make a beeline for shaded areas, other niggling issues are cropping up. Flies are becoming a nuisance, leading to maggots and crippled sheep.

“People go the the gymnasium but we’re having a real good workout,” says Sarah as she treats the feet of lame animals on one of the hottest days of the year.

Sarah also picks up a shocking amount of rubbish that has been thrown into fields by passing members of the public.

Watch the July episode below.

Rufus and his friend Josh are documenting a year in the life of a British farmer, releasing one video a month. You can watch all the episodes in the series so far on their website.

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