Video: Houdini Herdwicks on the run from Bucks farmer

In the latest instalment of our favourite farming series on YouTube, Buckinghamshire farmer Sarah Denne has bought some Herdwick sheep and they’re doing what they do best – escaping.

We join the action with Sarah and her son Rufus shortly after a two-hour mission to get the Houdini Herdwicks back under control.

At the time of filming three are still on the run – but there were later located thanks to a helpful tip-off in the comments once this video went live. Isn’t social media is a wonderful thing?

“They don’t just graze like normal sheep, they go around the outside looking for their escape route,” says Sarah.

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Watch the full British Farming episode below.

Also in this update, Sarah has sold 20 cows to help pay the bills and make the impending winter workload a little easier. The rams have gone in with the ewes, but one of the boys is hogging the ladies.

What is the British Farming series?

This candid web series follows the life and work of Buckinghamshire livestock farmer Sarah Denne and is produced by her son Rufus and co-creator Josh Aarons.

The pair are documenting a year in the life of a British farmer, sharing one video each month on YouTube. You can watch all the episodes in the series so far on their website.

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