Videos and photos: 6 animal sports you never thought you would see

The internet has so much animal joy to offer. Here are some of the games and sports you do not expect to see farm animals participating in.

Beefy showjumping 

German teenager Regina Mayer taught one of the cows on her home farm to show jump. She thinks Luna the cow now believes she is a horse and gets on better with horses than other cows.

Cattle cycling

Bet you never thought you would see a cow heading off on a bike ride. This cow was moving with a herd through the streets of the New Forest and seemed to have got waylaid.

Fortunately she managed to drop the bicycle off and continue on her merry way.

Cow stuck in a bicycle

© John Weiler/Solent News/Rex Shutterstock

Pig puzzles

Evidence that pigs really are quite smart. This video shows pet pig Mortiz solving a “pigsaw”.

Bovine football 

Herbie the beast is very pleased with his new football. So much so, it’s almost like he is half break dancing, too.

Cow hide and seek

We are not sure whether it is a game of hide and seek or forty forty, but either way looks like this cow got a bit caught up in a wartime pillbox when trying to find the perfect hiding spot.

Pregnant cow gets head stuck through wartime pillbox window

© Lincolnshire Fire&Rescue/Solent News/Rex Shutterstock

Goat gymnastics 

We have all seen dog agility and horses show jump, but these goats seem to be trying to combine the two, delighted at the new equipment in their field.

If you enjoyed these, you will probably find the videos of confused sheep that think they are different animals funny too.