WRECKERS YARD: New Holland swather gets bogged down by former FW staffer

Now, Australia may seem to be the last place one would expect to get caught up in the mud, but our former machinery desk deputy editor, Charlie McCarron, has managed to find a pretty wet part of a canola field near Arthur River, WA.

He’s currently swathing 3500ha (that’s more than 8500 acres in old money) of canola on a farm over there.

“Seeding season was very wet and the edges of all the farm dams – which they call ponds – are tricky to say the least,” he explains.

The New Holland 8080 windrower has hydrostatic drive and steers through oil flow to the front wheels, making it useless in damp conditions, adds Charlie. “If it had had diff lock, there wouldn’t have been a problem.”

Hmmm nothing to do with driver error then?

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