YFC AGM 2012: Young farmers get fancy for costumed bash

The Saturday night (April 28) fancy dress party at the NFYFC AGM certainly drew the crowds.

The theme, “When I was three, I wanted to be…”, saw young farmers dress in a huge array of colourful outfits.

From superheroes and soldiers to nurses and princesses – and just about everything in between – the costumed party-goers were eye-catching and impressive.

The Farmers Weekly team enjoyed seeing them all, but our eventual favourite was Amy Bradley from Kent. We thought it was a fantastically imaginative take on the theme. Because as Amy said, when she was three what did she want to be? She wanted to be four, of course.

“Lots of people didn’t get it immediately,” she said, “but they loved it as soon as they did.”

Only problem is, unlike a lot of the fancy dress costumes, it’ll be hard to find another occasion to wear it. “Maybe I’ll change the back to a zero and save it for my 40th!” joked Amy.

The fancy dress night marked the culmination of a packed day of activities, which included a speech by farm minister Jim Paice at the Agriculture and Rural Affairs forum.

There are lots more pictures from the fancy dress party and the rest of the AGM weekend in our designated Torquay gallery.

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