Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum …

FARMERS attending this year‘s Dairy Event at Stoneleigh, Warwicks (22-23 Sept) were treated to free miniature bottles of rum and chocolates, courtesy of the Treasure Girl.

The Treasure girl was promoting the new forage maize variety from Dalgety by handing out freebies to visitors.

“She certainly attracted a lot of attention at the event, but we didn‘t shift as many freebies as we thought we might, especially when the photographers were around,” reports Dalgety national forage manager Brendan Paul.

“I don‘t know whether that was down to farmers being bashful or worried they‘d get in trouble when they got home.”

Cattle-showing was brought to a virtual standstill when the model, 28 year-old Vanessa Long from Dudley, moved to the breeders‘ stalls next to the main show arena.

“She brought the crowds with her, but I don‘t think many of them were watching the various best of breeds that were on show,” added Mr Paul.

The model has become synonymous with the high-yielding maize variety Treasure since it was launched by Dalgety last year.

Bred by Advanta, independent trials have found it is the top-yielding variety for marginal maize sites and the top-yielding early variety for all maize sites.

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