Young Farmers Weekly super fan shares his magazine collection

Young farmer Sam Carmichael, aged 8, has amassed an impressive collection of more than 250 copies of Farmers Weekly.

Sam lives on his family’s arable farm in Northumberland with parents Jess and Tom, little sister Ivy and grandmother and grandfather Jane and Gordon. He has been a Farmers Weekly reader since he was just two years old.

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“I think it started because Grandpa got the magazine,” explains Jess.

“Grandpa is the farmer, and he is Sam’s idol in life. His dad also gets the magazine in the office at Grain Co, and he brings a copy home every week for him.”

Jess says the pile of Farmers Weekly magazines has been steadily piling up in Sam’s bedroom.

“We decided the other day when we were clearing out his room that we would count them – he’s got over 250 copies,” she says.

“He loves the ones where there’s a tractor, or a sprayer, or some form of machine on the front cover.

“He is machinery obsessed – that is his favourite section. He told Grandpa that when the farm is his one day, he’ll be clearing out the shed to make room for a Case Quadtrac.

“We’ve told him that there aren’t enough acres on our farm for that, but he doesn’t think that’s the case.”

When he’s not reading Farmers Weekly, Sam loves talking to his grandfather to learn about farming. He particularly loves harvest and silage time.

“The combine arriving at our house is better than Christmas Day for Sam,” says Jess.

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