28 awesome Young Farmer tweets to celebrate the YFC movement

It is National Young Farmers’ Week, a time where we come together and celebrate all that makes YFC such an exciting and unique part of young people’s lives.

With more than 24,500 members and 619 clubs, the National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs (NFYFC) is one of the largest rural youth organisations in the UK.

All this week (18-24 September) thousands of members are proudly and loudly banging the drum of the “YFC army” to encourage newbies to sign up and raise awareness of the amazing stuff they get up to.

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We’ve cherry-picked 28 Young Farmer tweets which we think perfectly explain why being a member is so great and will leave you in no doubt that YFC does it best.

FW and YFC: The perfect farming team

If you’re not already a member and would like to join or find out more, head over to the NFYFC website.

If you’re already a YFC member you can get 35% off your Farmers Weekly subscription and if you are a student we will give you 50% off. Just head over to our subscriptions page for more details.

Make mates and memories

Go places

Get competitive

Never stop learning new skills

Climb that career ladder

Charity work

Don’t have to be one, to be one