Your chance to become a Farmers Weekly Columnist

Are you starting at college or university this autumn or already part-way into a course and returning to continue your studies?

If so, here’s your chance to become a Farmers Weekly columnist, writing a monthly account of student life in the magazine and having the chance to put more regular posts on your own blog on our website.

Anyone who’s on an agricultural, countryside or land-based course is eligible.

We’re searching for someone who can give an informative and amusing account every month of the highs and lows of student life.

We’ll pay the student(s) we take on £75 a month (obviously, whether you choose to spend that on books or in the bar is up to you!) and it’ll look great on your CV when you start job hunting.

All you’ve got to do to be considered as a columnist is check whether category 1 or 2 applies to you, and enter in that section:

* Category 1

  • For those about to start college or uni this autumn.
  • Write 500 words called ‘College Expectations’.

* Category 2

  • For those who are already at college or uni.
  • Write 500 words called My Student Life.

If you’re entering category 1 you might, for example, want to touch on what your hopes and fears are about embarking on this new phase in your life. Similar, if you’re opting for category 2, you could mention what the highlights and low points have been so far.

Whichever category you enter, remember we’ll be looking for a well written, candid and informative column. If you manage to weave in a few general observations about farming and the wider countryside, too, then so much the better

Gethin student generic

Also enclose a few details (this is in addition to the 500-word column) telling us a bit about yourself, what you’re studying, your plans and your farming connections (if relevant).

Entries should arrive by Sept 5. Email them to

Adam Bedford, a previous College Calendar Columnist, who now works for the NFU says:

“Don’t hesitate about entering this competition – just do it. I loved writing about my time at college. It taught me how to write for an audience (helpful when you’re studying) and it was also great fun, partly because there isn’t many ways you can get some of the college bar antics into print!

“Seriously, though, employers are increasingly looking for things that are different on CVs, so writing for FW should fit the bill. It is surprising who reads it too so get used to hearing the odd ‘Now where do I know you from?

“Writing college calendar isn’t an opportunity to miss, and the extra bit of cash will probably come in handy too”

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