Your Ideas For Farming Logos

Thanks for all your suggestions for logos that could be used to symbolise British Farming.

As you’ll remember, we asked you to send us your designs, after the 2012 London Olympics Logo prompted an avalanche of criticism.  Hearing the debate made us realise that you could probably do better than the professionals – so we invited you to come up with a farming logo.

Congratulation to 22-year-old Kate Henderson, a student at Harper Adams, who is the overall winner, whose bright and bold design really impressed the judges. She wins £50 for her efforts.

Here is Kate’s entry and some of the other nice ones.

From Kate Henderson

Logo 2  

               From Tom Mitchell        From Tom Mitchell’s Dad                             

                   logo 3               logo 4

          From Lucy Gosling                               From Claire Skipper  

logo 1            Skipper C

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