Share your farming memories in photos

Share your farming memories in photos

It is Farmers Weekly’s 90th birthday in June 2024 and we want you to help us celebrate by sending us your photos and memories.

Share your photos from the past – from any year since 1934 to the present – that hold a special memory for you or your family.

Tell us about the photo and what it means to you - you can write up to about 200 words

We will pick some of the photos and stories to publish in our commemorative 21 June edition.

Need some inspiration?

We’re looking for photos of characters, livestock, machinery, events or items that are remembered with fondness.

Some ideas could be:

  • A favourite piece of kit, such as a tractor
  • Characters remembered, family or friends on the farm
  • Best farming moments: For example, a show win, topping the market or most memorable day on the farm
  • Forgotten skills: What hard-learned job were you an expert at that is no longer part of farming life?

Please read the website terms and conditions before you upload your photos.

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