16,000-bird unit rejected in Cumbria

A new free-range poultry unit in Cumbria has been turned down following objections by local residents.

The planned Maidenlands Farm development at Marton near Barrow had been approved by planners from Barrow Borough Council, but was rejected at a meeting by local councillors.

The proposal for the 16,000-bird chicken unit was criticised by locals on the grounds of smell, noise, and that it was out of character with its surroundings and would be harmful to the environment.

The planners’ reply to the protesters – that there was no other place to build a chicken unit but in a country area – was overruled by the councillors.

The farmer who had sought the permission, James Saunders, said he had followed all advice given by the planners and had done all he could to address the concerns of the locals.